Our former Layout at City Auditorium was roughly 20 feet by 90 feet, shaped in the form of a large E, with 3 penninsulas running down from the back of the room. The overall mainline was roughly 8.9 scale miles in length and features several segments of single track as the trains move around the room. This provided guests the opportunity to see trains meet each other at these segments of single track. The layout featured a great mountain pass starting out in the town of Cawood City, climbing up to the summit at Mountain View, and descending back down to the town of Salida. Later on, the mainline reaches a segment of dual gauge (HO and HOn3) track on the Center Aisle. The Center Aisle features many narrow gauge operations on two decks as well as a fairly large steel mill.
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West Wall

Center Aisle

Center Aisle Upper Deck Narrow Gauge

East Wall

Historic Photos

2016 Renovations

Some videos taken at the club throughout the years, some videos have music, some have dubbed train sounds, some are just vanilla model sounds. Enjoy!